Christmas: Why the Big Deal?

christmas_christ_mangerAs a pastor, I have a confession.  I’ve been a bit confused about Christmas.  Why is this event such a big deal in our culture?  Why have stores been ready for this since mid-October?  Why are streets decorated with lights, houses have live trees inside, people are wearing tacky sweaters?  Why do kids get out of school for 2 weeks?  Why are radio stations playing that awful Paul McCartney song over and over?  What is all the fuss about?

I could understand if it was about a fat man in a red suit with flying reindeer breaking and entering all over the world in one night leaving gifts and eating cookies.  That would warrant a fuss in our culture for sure.  But even if it was, what would inspire that plump person to such activity? 

I get that we celebrate Christmas because it is the birth of Jesus.  But why is our culture so willing to celebrate the birth of a man they exclude, separate from, and ignore for the rest of the year?  That is what I’m confused about.  Why does our culture celebrate someone being born when the rest of the year it is so threatened by His existence?

We don’t mention him in public settings.  We don’t mention him at work.  We certainly don’t bring Him up in a school.  And God forbid, we talk about Him in the same breath as the government. 

I’d love to hear some answers if you have them.



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4 responses to “Christmas: Why the Big Deal?

  1. Owen Fulghum

    read my article in last week’s Vine newsletter and it may help a little bit.
    if you already read it… nevermind.

    • Hey O! I read the first week of Advent where you said you wanted to be thunderstruck with the wonder and truth of Christmas. I’m stealing that for my Christmas Eve sermon. Thanks for the help.

  2. Good questions, Mike. I sense, from your Chistmas comments and sermons over the years, that you have great difficulty with Christmas, and have for some time. Yes, I know you want US to think, but I am always sad for you at this time of year. Christmas is LOVE, Christmas is HOPE, both wonderful gifts from God, our Father, for ALL PEOPLE! Glad tidings of great joy. I am blessed to work in a place where we all believe in God and we daily acknowledge God has a plan, (even as we struggle). Not everyone has that in their workplace, I know–well, maybe everyone has the struggling part. And I am blessed that God places Christians in my path–and more of them when times are more difficult for me. But that’s me. For the general population, why do we embrace love for our fellow man one month a year? Why do we embrace hope once a year? Why do we celebrate? At the very heart of it all, I think we are all searching. As Christians, we know for Whom we search. Not everyone does know, but that doesn’t mean God didn’t place our NEED in each and every one of us. Maybe Christmas is the springtime of our need for Christ, our Savior, and the blossom of God’s love for us opens in our hearts, once a year. And our work, as Christians, as fishers of men, gets a burst of energy, from without and within. Merry Christmas, Mike.

    • Thanks Richelle. I appreciate your thoughts for me. I do love Christmas for a whole host of reasons and I’m always excited to share the true meaning of Christmas with others. What I was asking in the post above is really directed to our culture. Why does our culture make a big deal about the birth of Jesus and then exlude and ignore Him the rest of the year? I like what you wrote and think it is part of a search for meaning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m looking forward to the Cantata Sunday!

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