Power of Prayer: D.L. Moody

D.L. Moody gives this illustration of the power of prayer: “While in Edinburgh, a man was pointed out to me by a friend, who said: ‘That man is chairman of the Edinburgh Infidel Club’.  I went and sat beside him and said, ‘My friend, I am glad to see you in our meeting. Are you concerned about your welfare?’

“I don’t believe in any hereafter.”

“Well, just get down on your knees and let me pray for you.”

“No, I don’t believe in prayer.”

“I knelt beside him as he sat, and prayed.  He made a great deal of sport of it.  A year after I met him again I took him by the hand and said: “Hasn’t God answered my prayer yet?”

“There is no God.  If you believe in one who answers prayer, try your hand on me.”

“Well, a great many people are praying for you, and God’s time will come, and I believe you will be saved yet.”

“Some time afterwards I got a letter from a leading barrister in Edinburgh telling me that my infidel friend had come to Christ, and that seventeen of his club men had followed his example.  I did not know how God would answer prayer, but I knew He would answer.  Let us come boldly to God.”

That should get us bending our knees a bit more.  The story comes from The Purpose of Prayer by E.M. Bounds. 



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  1. Leisa

    Thanks for this reminder of the importance of prayer…and the importance of planting seeds for future harvest!!

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