I’m not a realist, I’m a Realist

I have often tried to figure out if I am an optimist or a pessimist.

I have decided I can no longer be an optimist.   Actually,  I was only hoping all these years that I would one day actually be an optimist. 

I never wanted to be a pessimist, but it came easier than being an optimist.  The problem with pessimists is that they are always finding problems with things.  I like to be happy.  I  like colors, laughing, smiles and being with other people.  Not the traits of a pessimist.

I thought about being an idealist, but found that I couldn’t live up to it. 

So I guess that makes me a realist.  I see the world for what it is.  It is a broken, beautiful, bent towards evil, full of potential, paradise with hell.  There is good, but not enough.  Evil seems to win more than lose.  Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.  People hurt themselves and others, even when trying to do good.  And the kicker is that the cycle never ends.  No matter if I do good, evil is still there.  It’s the whole Romans 7 thing.

A good realist is really a pessimist.

I have decided that I can no longer be a realist.  I am now a Realist.

The difference between a realist and a Realist is the same difference between god and God.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming divinity.  Instead, I am claiming to live like God is real. 

A Realist believes that what God says is reality. 

A Realist thinks, acts, and reacts in accordance with the reality that Jesus is Lord.  He holds the keys of death and hell.  He has triumphed over the dark forces of this world and sits at the right hand of God.

A Realist fears God and therefore has nothing else to fear.

A Realist sees a bigger picture than a realist .

A Realist has faith, hope, and love because Faith, Hope, and Love have him.

I am a Realist.  You?


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